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Journal: Attacks last night in Gaza

By Sharon in Gaza To view Sharon’s blog please click here This will be hurried as very short collision of internet, electricity, and me, before we have to head for our night time locations before dark. Last night my group ...

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Journal: One family’s fear and heartbreak in Gaza

Journal by Sharon Lock Sunday December 28, 5.30am, Jabaliya In the basement, the family begins the night at their allotted sleeping spaces, but as the hours pass, draw closer together until women and children are huddled together in a pile ...

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Every day in Palestine

By Jonas Every day Mahmoud takes his sheep and goats out to the fields that his family has used and been bound to through blood and sweat for generations. Every day he is met by violence and threats of violence ...

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Security Stranglehold Tightens in Hebron

By: Becky For a week now the security checks on Palestinians and internationals in Hebron has maintained it’s tightest grip since our arrival. Soldiers who a month ago limited themselves to their posts now extend their jurisdiction along whole streets; ...

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Gaza and the recognition of Israel

By: Bobby Noe As has been covered in the news extensively, Gaza’s only power plant has shut down as there is no longer any fuel left to run it. 1.5 million people are in darkness and according to a health ...

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The reason why I will never forget the word ‘Zaalan’

By Taka Edited by the ISM Media Center “Aaaaah, Aaaah…” Abdullah’s voice, from behind the blue-grey curtain, echoed throughout the first floor of the hospital. The medical staff was cleaning the wounds in his head – just another sacrifice people ...

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