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The reason why I will never forget the word ‘Zaalan’

By Taka Edited by the ISM Media Center “Aaaaah, Aaaah…” Abdullah’s voice, from behind the blue-grey curtain, echoed throughout the first floor of the hospital. The medical staff was cleaning the wounds in his head – just another sacrifice people ...

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Israels Abuse of Bedouin Rights

By Thom The Ministry of Foreign Affairs writes on their website that the Bedouin enjoy a higher standard of living than elsewhere in the Middle East. But countless Bedouin homes and villages have been destroyed by Israel. The government’s ‘township’ ...

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Reflections from an Irish Activist in Palestine (Part 2/3)

Part II The border police at Al-Ibrahimiye mosque and Cave of Machnela Synagogue checkpoint evidently need serious doses of caffeine to get into harassment mode. They knock back glass after glass of Saada (black Arabic coffee), becoming gradually more vocal ...

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Salamat Sahbi Akram

It was meant to become one of those reports about these surrealities, you probably only can find in Palestine. About the tension of a nightly visit to an internet cafe, which ended up surrounded by security forces. A story about ...

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