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Ballad of a Small Victory

by Karl Dallas The Battle of Nablus tune: English traditional, “The Bold Princess Royal” On the last day of June in two thousand and two In the city of Nablus the pleasures were few The Israeli army had invaded the ...

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Voices in the Wilderness

By Jeff Guntzel We left for Ramallah yesterday morning. In order to enter the city, our little group had to avoid the Israeli checkpoint by walking (and sometimes running) through the brush just south of the checkpoint. Once we were ...

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Witness to Destruction

By Adam Shapiro The first thing you notice at the entrance to the Balata Refugee Camp is the overturned, burned out car stuck in a huge man-made crater in the ground. But this was the battleground of the previous three ...

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News from Palestine

By Jordan Flaherty Hello Everyone, I have so much to say, but so little time. So here’s a few brief notes. We arrived here about a week ago. The first two days were legal training, nonviolence training, consensus training, jail ...

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