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Checkpoint Humiliation

The other day as we were travelling through Zatara checkpoint between Ramallah and Nablus, I witnessed a particularly disgusting display of power by the Israeli army. An extremely public humiliation of a woman, who was taken out of a shared ...

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Olive Harvest Reflections

by Jane Smith, December 10th I have been back in Palestine for a week. Although the violence and tension is less than in the early years of the Intifada, the oppressive control of Palestinian life is worse than ever. People ...

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The olive doesn’t fall far from the tree

by Joey Weinberg Photos by Pippi Lundgrensen Today (Thursday, Nov 16) is definitely a good day to pick some olives; in fact, with the heavy rain from yesterday, it is even better that we are doing this as soon as ...

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Streets of Hate: a journal entry on attacks in Hebron

by aspiringnomad, November 20th His panic-stricken little face lights up when he receives the information that we’ll escort him home, sending him skipping merrily down the road on an errand to buy potatoes. This is the Palestinian Authority controlled area ...

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Photostory: The Old City of Nablus

by Bill Dienst MD, November 13th, Nablus, population 113 thousand, is the West Bank’s second largest city: second only to East Jerusalem. Founded during the time of the Romans, it is over 2000 years old. Here is a fruit market ...

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En Bil’in de nuevo (In Bil’in again)

A journal entry giving more detail about Friday’s demonstration in Bil’in. English version follows Spanish by Maria del Mar, 10 Noviembre Tengo 61 anos. Soy Espanola. Estuve tambien el ano pasado en Bil’in. Las Fuerzas de Ocupacion Israelies rompieron mi ...

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