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Five Years After the Cast Lead Operation: ‘Gaza Writes Back’

28th December 2013 | Arabic Literature (in English), M. Lynx Qualey | Cairo, Egypt It was five years ago that Cast Lead began. Now a book of short stories, Gaza Writes Back, marks the anniversary. The book’s editor, Refaat Alareer, answers questions about the collection:  ArabLit: How ...

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Metaphor in Gaza

Hundreds greet freed detainees at midnight rally in northern Gaza Strip (Photo by Charlie Andreasson)

23rd December 2013 | International Solidarity Movement, Charlie Andreasson | Gaza, Occupied Palestine You stand below a dam because you have discovered cracks where water leaks out. You try to seal them with your bare hands, but they are not ...

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Gaza: “Free the Holy Land sea”

23rd December 2013 | International Solidarity Movement, Rosa Schiano | Gaza, Occupied Palestine “Free the Holy Land sea” was a three-day protest by fishermen in Gaza which began on Tuesday, 17th November. The fishermen, supported by the Palestinian Center for ...

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Besieged Gaza Strip battered by historic storm

16th December 2013 | International Solidarity Movement, Silvia Todeschini and Henni | Gaza, Occupied Palestine Gaza’s bad weather has disrupted access lines and flooded whole areas. Thousands of families have been evacuated. Numerous injuries and two deaths have been reported. The ...

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