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Remembering Vik



15th April 2014 | International Solidarity Movement| Occupied Palestine

Vittorio Arrigoni was a human rights activist (Italy, February 1975) and member of ISM, who was murdered on the 15th of April 2011, aged 36, whilst supporting the struggle for a free Palestine.

Below is a tribute from an Italian ISMer:

I want to remember Vittorio Arrigoni with his words, and for once the words are not just wasted air, but are synonymous with practice, of a real life spent standing in solidarity with Palestinians.

Palestinians will always remember him, and so will I, like a friend that I never had the pleasure of knowing.

Thank you, Vittorio.

“I was shocked and determined to see what a foreigner could do besides the Palestinians to defend human rights. I’m often asked ‘Why did you decided to sacrifice a part of your life to stand with the Palestinians struggle?’

‘Why did you leave an easy and comfortable life to come to Gaza?’

My answer is always: ‘How is it possible to do otherwise? How is it possible to lie to ourselves about what is happening to our neighbours across the Mediterranean sea?’ 

‘I’m more impressed in how it’s possible to continue to live this kind of crystal ball life with indifference about the agony and injustice that the Palestinians  are suffering, instead of my decision to leave everything behind me and come here.'”