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Iftar on the Rubble

14th June 2017 | International Solidarity Movement, al-Khalil team | Jerusalem, occupied Palestine Seventy people gathered in the Sur Baher neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem for a communal solidarity Iftar on the rubble of the home of Ashraf and Islam ...

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Event : Iftar on the Rubble

English Fallows Arabic إفطار فوق الأنقاض قفوا تضامنا مع العائلات الفلسطينية المتضررة من جراء سياسات الاحتلال في هدم البيوت شاركوا عائلة فواقه في افطار رمضاني فوق أنقاض بيتهم الذي تم تدميره في صور باهر في القدس الشرقية المحتلة (مرحب بغير ...

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Palestinian Activist Detained In Hebron

Articles from Hebron - International Solidarity Movement

A 22 year old Palestinian activist was detained in al-Khalil this morning. He was held and interrogated for thirty minutes, before being escorted through the Shuhada Street checkpoint. He was released after another half hour with no charge, but was told ...

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Soldiers detain 12-year old child in al-Khalil [VIDEO]

A 12-year old Palestinian boy was detained by Israeli armed forces this afternoon in Hebron’s Bab al-Baladiyya military base. The boy was apparently targeted by the soldiers, who were interrogating passers-by on his whereabouts. When he was identified, the heavily-armed ...

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