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Protest march towards the Dead Sea

03rd January 2014 | International Solidarity Movement, Khalil Team | Jericho, Occupied Palestine

On the 1st January, at approximately 12pm, 40 Palestinian and international activists attempted to march towards the Dead Sea in an effort to protest against the proposed Israeli bill to annex the Jordan valley.

Israeli forces prevented the demonstration from reaching the shore, in response the protesters held speeches demanding for the liberation of Palestinian prisoners and reiterating that the area is Palestinian land.

The demonstration continued peacefully beside the fence blocking the entry to the sea and the protesters were continually obstructed by Israeli border police and soldiers.

Demonstrators sang slogans against the Israeli occupation and peacefully left the area.

At least 8 Palestinian activists were detained and denied passage at various Israeli checkpoints on their way to the demonstration.

The access to the Dead Sea is now completely under Israeli government control. Palestinians wishing to access it are forced to pay an entrance fee to Israeli resorts in order to reach the shore.

87% of the Jordan valley and the Dead Sea area is under full Israeli civil and military control.