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Weekly demonstration in Der Istya – 6th October

On Fridays 6th, people in Deir Istya protested against a new outpost that was built three months ago close to the village.

After the prayer almost 70 protesters, among them members of the local Popular Resistance Committee, residents from the surrounding villages, ISM internationals and Israeli activists went down from the hill and, waving their flags, tried, peacefully, to reach the outpost.

Blocked by the army, there was a long confrontation between protesters, soldiers and Border Police.

The protesters were making clear their reasons for demonstrating while the soldiers were trying – shouting and pushing violently – to repel them.

Finally the Border Police started to launch a lot of sound bombs and gas canisters. 10 people suffered for the gas and one needed assistance from the Red Crescent volunteer. The soldiers arrested a journalist and the Minister of the Commission of Resistance to the Wall and Colonies: handcuffed and blindfolded them and violently pushed them into their military jeep.

A sniper held a group of boys in his sight, preventing them from continuing the protest.

Flags, voices and the absolute awareness of being right against sound bombs and gas canisters of one of the strongest army in the world… this is Palestine.