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Tulkarm Bids Farewell to 5 Palestinians Killed in an Israeli Military Operation.

18 December 2023 | International Solidarity Movement | Nour Shams refugee camp

By Diana Khwaelid 

An Israeli military operation lasted for more than 10 hours in the Nour Shams  refugee camp.

Destruction of infrastructure 

     Dozens of military vehicles stormed the city of Tulkarem on the evening of Sunday, December 16, as they targeted the Nour Shams camp east of the city. The Israeli occupation forces bulldozed the main entrance in Tulkarem and  destroyed the infrastructure using one of their D9 military vehicles, as they had  previously done with previous incursions. It also destroyed the water network and  sewage pipes and cut off electricity and the internet. 

Palestinian resistance fighters defended the camp. 

     There were strong clashes between Palestinian Resisters and Israeli occupation  soldiers, who confronted the occupation forces after they stormed the camp, for  more than 10 continuous hours. The occupation forces also bombed two houses one with drones and the other with an anti-armor missile. 

A state of fear 

     A state of fear and terror prevailed in the homes and neighborhoods of the  camp’s people, both children and women, a long and bloody night described by  the camp’s residents, following the Storming of the camp. The sound of  explosions and fire was enough to bring terror to the hearts of Palestinians. 

Obstructing the movement of medical crews and ambulances. 

     The Israeli occupation forces obstructed the movement of medical personnel,  whether the medical teams of the Red Cross or the Palestinian medical relief and  volunteer teams to move easily inside the camp to transport the injured, and the  occupation forces obstructed the movement of ambulances and arrested a 16  year-old boy from inside an ambulance on its way to the hospital.

5 Palestinians killed, dozens injured. 

     According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, 5 Palestinians were killed in the  Nur Shams refugee camp, and more than 10 injuries reached the (Thabit Thabit) government hospital in the city, whether by shrapnel due to drone, or fire live  bullets

The five martyrs are: Walid Zahra, Asaad Zahra, Ghaith Shehadeh, Mahmoud  Jaber and Jihad Amarna.

A state of sadness and shock of loss. 

     Hundreds of Palestinians mourned the bodies of the five martyrs, and their  families took a last farewell look at them, in a state of great sadness and shock women, men, and children participated in the funeral and chanted words of  patience and patience to them and chanted patriotic words in the form of the  Camp people in the face of the occupation until the liberation of Palestine.


Photo credit: ISM/Diana Khwaelid