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Photo Essay: Demonstration in Nabi-Saleh

by David Langstaff

9th November 2012 | International Solidarity Movement, West Bank

Palestinians rallying for the weekly demonstration against the Israeli occupation and the confiscation of land and water resources by Zionist settlers. More than 100 Palestinians and solidarity activists from around the world turned out in support.

Palestinian children at the rally holding photos of a Palestinian political prisoner.

Marching against Israeli occupation and settler encroachment.

Palestinian children participating in the march.

Israeli military forces respond to the march by spraying demonstrators with “skunk water,” a synthetic liquid which gives off a putrid smell that can remain in a victim’s clothing for up to five years.

Israeli military forces used massive amounts of tear gas against Palestinians and solidarity activists throughout the entirety of the demonstration. In addition to tear gas and “skunk water,” the Israeli military fired rubber-coated steel bullets and sound grenades at demonstrators, and at several points used live ammunition.

Demonstrators attempt to construct a barrier to protect them from the repression of the Israeli military forces.

Demonstrators try to evade tear gas as the standoff with the Israeli military drags on.

Backpack of demonstrator protesting Israeli apartheid policies in occupied Hebron (al-Khalil).