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5 January 2009: Amal al-Samouni

5 January 2012 | Palestinian Center for Human Rights “I have constant pain in my head, eyes and ears. I have been having nose bleeds for the past three years. I can still feel the shrapnel move inside my brain” On ...

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Daily life in Gaza

4 February 2011 | Nathan Stuckey, International Solidarity Movement Gaza After spending six weeks waiting in Cairo I entered Gaza two weeks ago. I never would have guessed that Egypt would explode so soon after I left. Congratulations to the ...

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UN’s Gaza war crimes investigation faces obstacles

YNet News 9 June 2009 After interviewing dozens of war victims and poring through the files of human rights groups, a veteran UN war crimes investigator acknowledged that his probe into possible crimes by Israel and Hamas is unlikely to ...

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Speaking Truth to Power

Sharon Lock | Tales to Tell We were back at Faraheen this morning accompanying farmers again, eying the jeeps driving along the Israeli border while our farmers removed the irrigation pipes from one of the fields we have visited regularly. ...

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Amid destruction, school resumes

Tara Jensen is an Australian Human Rights Volunteer in Gaza “We have no bathroom, how can we wash ourselves? How can we go to school looking like this?”, implored 13 year-old Shaima al Samouni. It’s a pertinent question, given that ...

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Jan 18: At the Samouni house

Sharon Lock | ISM Volunteer The planes are still buzzing overhead, but there have been no explosions near me today. However this supposed ceasefire from Israeli’s side since 2am does not seem to have extended to Beit Hanoun, where there ...

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