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Breaking the Israeli water siege

7 of August, 2009. International human rights activists together with Israelis and Palestinians escorted a convoy of water tankers, breaking the Israeli water siege of the village Qarawat Bani Zaid and delivering water to residents. At 12 pm ISM activists ...

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Israeli barrier bites into Palestinian village

Ivan Karakashian | Reuters 18 May 2009 Israel’s land barrier is slowly destroying the fabric of this Palestinian village of Christians and Muslims in the West Bank, setting a prime example of why the United States wants settlements to stop. ...

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Palestinians mark the Nakba

AFP 14 May 2009 Thousands of Palestinians on Thursday marked the 61st anniversary of the Naqba, the “catastrophe” that sparked an exodus of hundreds of thousands of refugees after Israel was created in 1948. Holding Palestinian flags and photos of ...

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Ramallah sees in the new year with candles for Gaza

Candle-lit demonstration in solidarity with Gaza – Ramallah, New Year 2009 Around 2000 people gathered in Al-Manara to see in the new year in solidarity with the besieged Palestinians under Israeli attack in Gaza. Over 400 people in Gaza have ...

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Road block removed outside Deir Izbi’

On Friday November 14th at 10:30am, Palestinian, Israeli and international activists joined together in an action to remove a roadblock outside the village of Deir Izbi’ in Ramallah area. The roadblock is preventing 14 villages direct use of Road 463 ...

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Nine injured in N’ilin demonstration

On November 14th, nine people were injured in a demonstration against the construction of the apartheid wall in Ni’lin. The demonstration started from the centre of the village at 11.30am and made it all the way to the construction site. ...

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