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Two Reports From Qalandiya Checkpoint

Fifty People Detained at Qalandiya Checkpoint from brightonpalestine.org, 16th October I passed through Qalandiya checkpoint today on the way back to Hebron. As the bus reached the Ramallah side of the “terminal” the passengers got out and walked towards the ...

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Haaretz: Israeli “Law as Roadkill on Highway 443”

by Akiva Eldar, September 26th The masses of Israelis who regularly travel to Jerusalem via Modi’in are familiar with the large cement cubes near the signs that indicate the approach roads to the Palestinian villages on either side of the ...

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Olive Harvest 2006

Your presence is needed for the Olive Harvest 2006 in Palestine! Palestinian communities are calling for the presence of international activists to support them in the 2006 Olive Harvest. Throughout the West Bank and Gaza, Palestinian land continues to be ...

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Forgetting the Occupation, Almost

by Daniela I was staring out the window of my office today, looking down from the seventh floor of this building that is also a shopping mall in the middle of Ramallah. I was watching a group of cab drivers ...

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IOF Soldiers Kidnap Family

Shlomo Bloom Somehow I doubt the names and faces of the father and his three teenage boys who were kidnapped by Israeli Occupation Force soldiers tonight in Ramallah will be plastered all over news tomorrow like the face of Gilad ...

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MER: “The Only Place Where There’s Hope”

An Interview with Muhammad Khatib, Jonathan Pollak and Elad Orian, Middle East Report Beginning in December 2004, and then every Friday since February 2005, Palestinians, Israelis and internationals have converged on the West Bank village of Bil‘in to demonstrate against ...

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