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International activists continue protests at Rafah border

International Campaign to Open the Rafah Border

12 July 2009

We are actually 16 people in our camp with mainly Egyptian activists.
Yesterday afternoon, the Egyptian authorities put barbed wire at the door of the bathroom and cut the water, so now, we have no more access to the bathroom.

Chris says : “Fortunately, I managed yesterday morning to take a shower, after climbing over the bathroom iron gate, so now we will keep dirty. I’m happy to be here again, because this is, may be, the lonely place in the world where you can feel free. We are moving freely, we are challenging the Egyptian authorities, Israel and the worldwide community and we ask them to lift this infamous siege.”

We are waiting the Galloway convoy which has been stopped by the Egyptian authorities at the Moubarak Peace Bridge checkpoint.
It is a shame to see how Americans civilians are treated by the Egyptian authorities.

At the border, we are seeing daily the American forces convoy who come and enter into the Rafah gate (don’t know why they are coming every day and what they are doing inside) but when it comes to American civilians, they are denied to move freely in Egypt.
It is due to their commitment in helping Gaza people who are suffering from an humanitarian crisis.

Last week, G8 members called for an end of the Gaza siege but it seems Egypt did hear nothing. We will not talk about the racist Zionist entity because we know that they never care about other people, particularly Palestinian people, and the whole world accepts it.

Galloway convoy update
The Egyptian authorities didn’t allow them to cross the Moubarak Peace Bridge and to enter into Sinai
They are safe and back in Cairo…. They will try again on Monday!

How to help Viva Palestina Convoy ?

Contact the Egyptian embassy in Washington DC and call for the immediate release of the Viva Palestina convoy. Call 202-966-6342, fax 202-244-4319 and e-mail embassy@egyptembdc.org