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Palestinians who see nonviolence as their weapon

Richard Boudreaux | The Los Angeles Times 4 November 2009 Every Friday, Mohammed Khatib’s forces assemble for battle with the Israeli army and gather their weapons: a bullhorn, banners — and a fierce belief that peaceful protest can bring about ...

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Jordan Valley may be hurdle in peace talks

Howard Schneider | The Washington Post 2 November 2009 The backhoes are busy on housing plots for this new Israeli settlement in the Jordan Valley, and young families, under army guard and toting M-16s, have begun cultivating dozens of acres ...

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Jews take over Jerusalem house from Palestinians

Douglas Hamilton | Reuters 3 November 2009 Jews took over another house in Arab East Jerusalem on Tuesday in what Palestinians say is a systematic campaign to drive them out and strengthen Israel’s hold on all of Jerusalem. The house, ...

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Student expelled to Gaza Strip by force

Ben Lynfield | The Independent 30 October 2009 A Palestinian student has been handcuffed, blindfolded and forcibly expelled to the Gaza Strip by Israeli troops just two months before she was due to graduate from university. Berlanty Azzam, 21, who ...

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Harvesting in death zone, with a song

Eva Bartlett | Inter Press Service 30 October 2009 On a quiet October morning, Fida Zaneen, 19, sings a traditional love song as she pulls olives from trees in Beit Hanoun’s border region during the annual olive harvest. “My grandmother ...

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Shot after photographing the Gaza sea

Eva Bartlett | Electronic Intifada 28 October 2009 On 4 October, Ashraf Abu Suleiman, a 16-year-old from Gaza’s Jabaliya refugee camp, went to the northwest coast town of Sudaniya to visit an ill school friend. The teen then went to ...

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