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Painting on the walls in Gaza

Asmaa It is nothing new in Gaza seeing lots of words in great lines on any wall you pass it in Gaza. Some of them talk about the political situation, another is talking about the social events. Many of them ...

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When a second home isn’t due to wealth

Sharon Lock | Tales To Tell Excerpts from Sharon Lock’s blog We were visiting hospital dietitian S’s family in Al Fukhary. They all fled their home during the attacks, except for S’s dad who stayed behind to confront the tanks. ...

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Israeli forces arrest 27 youth in Beit Ommar

11th March 2009, Beit Ommar village, Hebron region: 27 youth arrested during ongoing closure of Beit Ommar village 27 residents of Beit Ommar village in the Hebron District of the southern West Bank, have been arrested by Israeli forces while ...

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Carmel blockaded in Jayyous solidarity action

8th February 2009 At around 6:30 this morning a group of students from Brighton locked themselves to Carmel Agrexco, the Israeli state owned export company, to protest against their complicity in the illegal annexation of the West Bank and the ...

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ISM Sweden protest Swedish-Israeli Davis Cup matches

On Friday the 6th of March protesters from ISM Sweden joined with other activists in a peaceful demonstration outside the arena in Malmö, Sweden, where the Davis Cup matches between Sweden and Israel are being played. Activists participated in street ...

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