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ISM Sweden protest Swedish-Israeli Davis Cup matches

On Friday the 6th of March protesters from ISM Sweden joined with other activists in a peaceful demonstration outside the arena in Malmö, Sweden, where the Davis Cup matches between Sweden and Israel are being played.

Activists participated in street theater, spoke to media and passers-by, and shouted out their anger and frustration outside the enclosed area around the arena, which is being guarded by one of the largest police contingencies in Swedish history. Debate about the matches has been hot in Sweden the last few weeks, and the ISM sees their work during the weekend as part of an international campaign for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel.

The matches are being played without audiences – a partial victory for the campaign run by a broad coalition of political parties, cultural groups and organisations that has been working since the beginning of the Gaza massacre.

The demonstration was a clear statement against the opening of the Davis Cup weekend in Malmö, especially through work with the national and international media. Instead of getting caught in the hype about perceived threats of violence against the matches, ISMers managed to raise the critical issues at hand, namely the daily situation of millions of Palestinians and the inappropriateness of welcoming representatives of the state of Israel to a city where many inhabitants have lost friends and family in the Israeli massacre on Gaza. Matches are scheduled during the whole weekend, and manifestations and rallies are planned to continue, the largest one on Saturday expecting to gather around 10.000 protesters. The ISM are proud to have been present from the start to show our disgust of the decision to welcome Israeli tennis players to Sweden, and to stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Palestine.

Stop the match! Boycott Israel!

ISM Sweden