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Israeli occupation forces fire huge amount of tear gas in al Khalil (Hebron)

Friday, 23rd March, 2018 Occupied Palestine, al Khalil (Hebron team)

Clashes between Palestinian youth and occupation forces continued from around midday until dusk in al Khalil on Friday. Throughout the afternoon, Israel forces threw stun grenades and fired tear gas to supress Palestinian youth.

Before midday Israeli soldiers with their automatic weapons and tear gas launchers positioned themselves on the rooftops of Palestinian houses near check point 56 which controls foot traffic between Shuhada St in the Israeli controlled H2 area and the Palestinian suburb of Bab al Zawiyeh.

The “shebab” (Palestinian youth) soon began to express their resistance to the occupation by throwing stones at the soldiers on the roof. The soldiers responded with sound bombs when the shebab were close enough and increasingly through the afternoon with tear gas. The day was still with little wind and the tear gas hung in the air with no wind to disperse it.

Towards evening soldiers repeatedly entered the streets from checkpoint 56 and fired large amounts of tear gas and threw some stun grenades. Around 40 tear gas canisters were fired and the gas could be smelt for hours afterwards. The suburb has families with children living in apartments who are exposed toxic gas.

Frequent exposure to tear gas can cause various physical effects including losses of consciousness, miscarriages, trouble breathing, asthma, coughing, dizziness, rashes, severe pain, allergic dermatitis, headaches, neurological irritability and even blunt trauma from being hit by tear gas canisters as well as psychological trauma.

See also the ISM you tube video of tear gas on the day: