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Photo Essay: Women in Hebron

12th July 2016 | International Solidarity Movement, al-Khalil team | Hebron, occupied Palestine

The current al-Khalil team were privileged to visit the Women in Hebron centre located in Idna, just outside of al-Khalil city.

Women in Hebron-1

Two women making a rug that takes approximately two weeks to complete

Women in Hebron-2

Nursery at the centre to facilitate the women bringing their children while they work

Women in Hebron-3

Different designs of kafias

Women in Hebron-4

Embroidery work

Women in Hebron-5

The centre was full of laughing and smiles

Women in Hebron-6

Detailed embrodiery work

Women in Hebron-7

A beautiful, social atmosphere is fostered at the centre

Women in Hebron-8

After your pillow cases are handmade, they’re hand ironed as well

Women in Hebron-9

The workstation

Women in Hebron-10

Make Apartheid History

Women in Hebron-11

It took a few takes to get a photo of the women, but we love all of the photos

Women in Hebron-12

Women in Hebron-13

Make sure you visit Women in Hebron and support them and other local organisations in al-Khalil who suffer greatly from the ongoing occupation which reduces the number of tourists and locals alike who visit the beautiful old city of al-Khalil.