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Bil’in Outpost Under Attack

By Kobi

On Friday night one of the Palestinian activist was beaten and threaten with murder by soldiers on patrol at the outpost. ( The outpost is a small room that the villagers of Bil’in built on their land separated from their village by the Apartheid Wall) Damage was also done to the structure and the water tank.

The man needed to get to the hospital but was unable to walk back to the gate towards the village. Following a call by activists the army did evacuate him to the gate from where he was taken to a Ramallah hospital.

5 Israelis attempted to reach the outpost on Friday night but were stopped by the police. Apparently a closed military zone has been declared. It seems that someone might have wanted to take advantage of the situation and join in the attack on the outpost by throwing stones at the peope who were there late Friday night. It was not possible to see who did it though.

Trouble has not stopped at the outpost. Soldiers at the gate are refusing entry to some of the Palestinians and threatening them. Israeli presence is requested to document and deter further abuse by soldiers.