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October 28, 2007
For Immediate Release

*** C O N C E R T ***


[RAMALLAH] Palestinian grassroots activists and organizations will hold a free outdoor concert on Wednesday, October 31, calling for a just peace based on respect for human rights and international law. The concert will bring Palestinian folklore together with rap, and poetry together with politics, as Palestinians raise their voices for freedom, justice and unity. Artists who are contributing their talents to this event include Reem Talhami, Jamil Al-Sayeh, DAM, Boikutt (Ramallah Underground), the Al Awda Dabkeh Troupe, Yalalan and more. In addition, words from the Bishop Attallah Hanna, the Refugee Right to Return Coalition, the Bil’in Popular Committee, and the Boycott, Sanctions, and Divestment Campaign.

Two weeks ago the U.S.-based group OneVoice was forced to cancel planned simultaneous concerts in Jericho and Tel Aviv after a widespread Palestinian campaign to boycott the event because of the group’s problematic pillars and deceptive operations. Since they were forced to cancel, OneVoice has been attempting to discredit Palestinian voices, labeling as “extremists” those who criticize OneVoice’s platform for negotiations, a platform that equates the occupier with the occupied and completely neglects the framework of international law.

On Wednesday, October 31, Palestinian voices will come together to declare that our basic rights will not be compromised. We will not accept normalization while Israel continues to arrest our sons and daughters, steal our land and water resources, build settlements, construct the wall, demolish our homes, and push us into smaller and smaller cantons. Any negotiations and peace efforts must be premised on equality, respect for human rights, and the implementation of international law. Peace, not Apartheid!

The concert will start at 5:00 p.m. at the Orthodox Club

For more information, please contact:

Huwaida Arraf: +972-547-473-308 / +970-599-130-426
Natasha Aruri: +970-599-794-761