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Bil’in Cameraman in Court Tomorrow

by the ISM media team, October 16th

Emad Bornat, the Reuters cameraman and video-journalist who was kidnapped by Israeli forces after a demonstration in Bil’in on October 6th, has been in detention now at Ofer military prison for 10 days. Emad was due to have a hearing yesterday to determine his bail conditions after the military authorities insisted that he live outside Bil’in. This hearing never happened and today there are no judges available so Emad has to wait until tomorrow to hear where and under what conditions he will be allowed to live.

Because Emad is so ‘dangerous’ the military are also demanding that he live in a place easily accessible for the Israeli army and that someone be responsible for supervising him. Emad, a respected video-journalist whose work featured in the award-winning “Bil’in Habibti”, is accused of throwing stones at soldiers whilst simultaneously filming.