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Back to Bilin – Mass Demo, Friday, October 27th


It is already 20 months that the village Bil’in has been fighting for its life and future – a long and hard, sometimes frustrating struggle. The separation wall has taken about half of its land, in order to expand the settlement Modi’in Illit. Against the joint forces of might and fortune – the State and real-estate sharks, who are trying to take over their lands – the people of Bil’in have been running a popular, non-violent and determined struggle, with Israeli and international participation.

The people of Bil’in submitted three petitions to the High Court of Justice in Jerusalem, and verdicts are expected to be given shortly in all of them: against the separation wall; against the construction of a new settlers’ neighborhood on the village lands west of the wall; and against the declaration Fn the Bil’in lands west of the wall as State Lands, in order to hand them over to the settlers.

On Friday, 27 th October 2006 a large demonstration will be held in Bil’in, for the first time in a long period. Please join us and come to support the people of Bil’in in their just struggle at this critical time. The demonstration will start at the village mosque after midday prayers.

Together we shall call: No to the wall! No to separation!
No to land grab! No to the settlements! No to the occupation!

Tel-Aviv: Arlozorov Railway Station (El-Al Terminal) at 9.30.
For details and registration call sarah at 052-3899386
Jerusalem: Liberty Bell Park (Gan Ha’Paamon) parking lot at 9.30.
For details and registration call Sahar at 054-5683419
North: For details about the route, and registration call Yana at 050-8575729
Ramallah: contact ISM media office on 02-297-1824 or 0599943157

The Coalition Against the Fence –
The Popular Committees against the Wall and Settlements-Palestine
Gush-Shalom, Ta’ayush, Women’s Coalition for Peace, Yesh Gvul, ICAHD, Hadash, Maki, Banki, Rabbis for Human Rights, Balad, Anarchists Against Walls

* Any group who wants to join the coalition-
please call Adar at 052-5444866