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Update on Lymor Goldstein the Israeli Lawyer and Activist Shot in Bil’in on the 11th of August

We all heard about the heartbreaking event of Lymor Goldstein’s near fatal injury in Bil’in on August 11th. We saw photos, we shed tears, and we vowed never again.

Lymor was shot with two rubber bullets to the head and one in the neck, causing a fractured skull and internal haemorrhage. One bullet lodged itself on the opposite side of the entrance wound, damaging brain tissue. Lymor underwent a successful operation on August 12th to remove the bullet that entered his brain as well as shards of bone and dead brain tissue; they also stopped the internal bleeding. He awoke from his medically induced coma complaining about loss of short term memory, and blurred vision. Doctors warned that the next four days would be critical in assessing whether he would contract an infection in his brain.

Lymor moved to Israel two and half years ago from Germany. He dedicated his life as a lawyer to the non-violent resistance in villages across the West Bank. He represented Matan Cohen who was shot in the eye in Beit Seera by Israeli Occupation Forces as he peacefully and non-violently protested against the brutality of the IOF and its illegal construction of the Apartheid Wall. Lymor attended the Bil’in demonstration on August 11th with 300 other activists peacefully protesting against the unlawful construction of the Apartheid Wall. The IOF fired arbitrarily at the unarmed activists who were practicing their non-violent principles. Lymor was shot with a “less lethal” weapon at the illegal range of 5 meters – Israeli army regulations require a minimum range of 50 meters. The Israeli Occupation soldier shot him with a cylindrical device that is attached to an M16, this cylindrical can fire dozens of rubber or plastic bullets at a time, at the legal 50 meter range deemed appropriate to disperse before reaching the target. In this case, the soldier ran to Lymor’s side as he was walking back to the village and shot at the 5 meter range, the result did not allow the bullets to separate therefore he was shot with 3 of those plastic bullets. Plastic bullets are also a high velocity weapon compared to rubber bullets. They consist of a hard metal center and are capable of penetrating the skin whereas rubber bullets usually do not.

Lymor was sent back to intensive care on August 16th for suffering what doctors feared would happen – he developed an infection. He underwent a surgery once again to address the serious and possibly fatal repercussions of his infection – thankfully it was successful.

For the last two weeks Lymor has been in rehab to overcome the complications of his injuries. He has unsystematic short term memory loss, fatigue, and blurred vision in one eye. Doctors have said that his eyesight might return to normal but it will take a while. On September 1st, Lymor was admitted back into the hospital suffering from a fever. Due to the critical condition of Lymor any slight change in his comfort and health is addressed in a serious manner.

Lymor, a lawyer, and activists that witnessed the brutal assault by the Israeli Occupation Forces has filed a complaint against the Army. He has been contacted and visited by the Army to collect a statement. The Israeli Army has in return filed a case against Lymor for “Rioting”. His case is currently frozen due the objection Limor has at the Army’s repeated requests for statements. Army personnel are constantly harassing Lymor for statements although he has fulfilled that request.