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It Can Be Done

The people of Bil’in will demonstrate against the wall, this Friday
May 6 At 12:00 AM

A year ago, when the weekly demonstrations in Bil’in started no one believed that they would be able to continue for more than a few weeks. If one had suggested that a year later, the Supreme Court would order the state to explain why it would not demolish the new buildings in the settlement and prevent the housing of the new apartments
and the head of the council of Modi’in Ilit would be under criminal investigation for illegal construction he or she would have been considered delusional.

But as hundreds of thousands chanted in the May Day immigrant matches in Los Angeles and Chicago, “Si se Puede”- yes it can be done. The people of Bil’in have remained optimistic in their struggle against the wall which is being built on their land and have exceeded everyone’s expectations. There are no guarantees but if the nonviolent struggle continues, the achievements may be surprising,

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