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Audio Report from Bil’in Demonstration 28th April

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This is Pennie Quinton reporting for IMEMC:

Audio Report from Bil’in 28th April 2006 – mp3

[Update, 1/5/06: this a new version of the audio file – due to technical problems, the last version cut out before the end.]

“On Friday the 28th of April on behalf of the International Middle Eastern Media Centre I traveled to Bil’in to cover the weekly protest and resistance to the Israeli illegal occupation of the Bil’in village’s agricultural lands.

“The young people of Bil’in village had the longest Palestinian flag I have ever seen, it stretched for over 300m’ and the youth held it over their heads as if they were a giant Chinese dragon they carried it up a steep hill to the apartheid wall, a construction of razor wire, manned by soldiers standing on jeeps and humvess with their guns raised. The protest was peaceful with some of the older men chanting for freedom at the army.

“The soldiers then brought down wooden clubs on the men’s heads. This did not deter their protest so the soldiers then fired sound bombs and tear gas. Two men had to be carried away for medical treatment.

“The protestors briefly divided to avoid the gas and sound bombs then returned to sitting in front of the jeeps and humvess this time with a group of Israeli and international protestors.

“The Army again attempted to disperse the protest by firing more gas and sound bombs but once the smoke cleared the protest continued.

“Leaders of the Bi’lin village closed the yellow gate which had been opened to allow the army access to invade Bi’lin if necessary they sat astride it beating out a noise protest with rocks on the metal. Again tear gas and sound bombs were used, this time the protestors dispersed as the youth of the village hiding in the olive orchards began to hurl stones at the soldiers from bandoliers. As I left the demonstration I came across a mother and her young son of six years choking from the effects of the gas, they had been working in the orchards.”

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