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The Wall and The Demonstrators stand trial this week

Two very different trials will take place this week that releate to non violence resistance to the Apartheid Wall.

On Tues, January 10th, at 8:30 Judge Alexander In the “Peace Court” in the Russian Compound, will begin hearing witnesses in the case of Mohammed Mansour, a non violent organiser against the wall from Biddu.

Mohammed was initially arrested in June 2004 at a nonviolent demonstration against the Wall in Al Ram. Undercover Israeli agents stormed the crowd and many, including Mohammed and a Palestinian photographer for “Yediot Ahronot, were severely beaten. He was hospitalised and then held for a week before his release on bail together with another three Palestinians. Five Israeli peace activists, also arrested at the demonstration, were released a few hours following their arrest.

Mohammed being tortured during his arrest

Mohammed, a father of five, is being charged with assaulting a police officer, throwing stones and presiding illegally in an “Israeli area.”

The prosecution offered to close the case if Mohammed would agree to stop participating in demonstrations for the next two years and pay a 3,500 shekel fine. “I would prefer to go to jail than pay one shekel to the Occupation. “It is not I, but those that build the wall that are the criminals” said Mohammed.

This Thursday, January 12, at 9:00 am, the Supreme Court will hold a hearing on the request for a temporary injunction against building in the Matityahu East neighborhood in the settlement Modi’in Illit. This neighborhood is being built on the lands of Bil’in west of the barrier, and is the reason for the route of the wall there. The hearing will be held before Judge Ayala Prokachya, hall A.

Girl from Bil’in and Metityahu Mizrah settlement outpost

Last Wednesday, attorney Michael Sfard filed, on behalf of Peace Now, a petition against construction in this new neighborhood. On Friday, the Court issued a temporary injunction forbidding in effect building in the compound and bringing new residents therein.

This Trial is taking place as a result of an ongoing nonviolent campaign led by the villagers of Bil’in. Meanwhile, fifteen nonviolent activists from the village of Bil’in are currently in jail in an attempt to deter the villagers from protesting against the theft of more than half of their land by the wall.

The International Solidarity Movement condemns the Israeli legal system defence of war crimes committed by the Israeli military and settlers and its criminalization of nonviolent protest against the Occupation and Apartheid wall.

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