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Bil’in and Aboud to Continue the Struggle to Save their Lands



After the noon prayers on Friday, January 6th, Palestinian villagers in Bil’in, accompanied by Israeli and international activists, will march from the village to the “Centre for Joint Struggle,” the legal Palestinian “outpost.” The outpost is built adjacent to the illicit Jewish settlement outpost Matityahu Mizrah, currently being constructed on land belonging to Bil’in, and in flagrant violation of Israeli law. All settlments, however, are illegal under international law and convention.

The people of Bil’in are using the symbols and language employed by Israel for the theft of Palestinian land in a bid to hold onto village land that Israel is attempting to annex for the Wall and settlements. The Israeli government’s efforts to remove the Palestinian outpost contrast starkly with Israeli government’s support for the establishment of hundreds of illegal Israeli settlements and outposts throughout the West Bank.

Approximately half of Bil’in’s lands are being isolated from the village by the Wall. The village will lose at least 1,950 dunams if the Wall is not removed. As in other villages, the Israeli government argues that the route of the wall in Bil’in was determined purely for security reasons. However, a brief visit to the village shows this to be false.

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On Friday, January 6th at 12:00 noon, Palestinian, Israeli and international activists will march to the construction site of the Separation Wall, which when finished will isolate approximately 4,400 dunums of the village’s lands for the purpose of annexing them to the Jewish settlements of Ofarim and Bet Arye, built in violation of international law and convention. The construction is taking place 6 km east of the Green Line, within occupied Palestinian territory.

Aboud is nestled among terraced olive groves in the West Bank, west of the city of Ramallah. The village has 2,200 residents; 900 of them are Christian. Within the village are seven ancient churches and the oldest dates back to the third century. According to Christian belief, Jesus passed through the village on the Roman road from Galilee to Jerusalem.

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