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West Bil’in Outpost exposes truth behind the Wall-Press conference Tomorrow

The Palestinian outpost of “West Bil’in”, deemed illegal by Israeli authorities, has dramatically highlighted the true nature of the Wall as a means to expand illegal outposts and allow settlement expansion confirming the findings of a report to be released today.

A small building erected at the outpost this week has been threatened with demolition while nearby settler structures built without plans or permits continue to rise. This selective use of the law starkly illustrated at West Bil’in will be at the heart of a petition to the Supreme Court by Attorney Michael Sfard which could leave the Government embarrassed for so blatantly turning a blind eye to illegal construction by settlers.

A press conference to be held at the West Bil’in outpost tomorrow will highlight this inconsistency with new research from planning organization, Bimkon which reveals unequivocally that the route of the Wall is based on settlement master plans rather than the often quoted ‘security’ concerns.

The research shows that the construction of the Wall has been altered in various locations such as Bil’in, Jayyous and Jerusalem by municipal master plans for the sole reason of settlement expansion.

It also shows that 750 new housing units have been built in the settlement of Modi’in Ilit on land confiscated from the village of Bil’in, without the required necessary legal authorization. More than 2000 housing units are planned to be constructed in the near future.

The West Bil’in outpost, built on Bil’in’s land with a permit issued by the village, sits only a few hundred meters away from the new Israeli settlement housing units that even the Israeli government views as illegal. The establishment of the outpost is the latest step in Bil’in’s year long nonviolent struggle against the confiscation of their land.

Established by Palestinians from Bil’in, with their Israeli and international supporters, the outpost has been called “The Center for Joint Struggle.”

The Press Conference will be held in Bil’in Center on Thursday, December 29 at 12noon with representatives from B’Tselem, Bimkom and the Bil’in Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements.

The Speakers in the Press Conference who will elaborate upon the above issues will be:
Arch. Alon Cohen-Lifshitz – Bimkom, Mohammad Al-Hatib – Popular Committee of Bil’in, Attorney Michael Sfard and Adar Grayevski – Anarchists Against the Wall

When: Thursday December 29th 12:00AM
Where: Center for joint struggle, Bil’in West

For more information contact:
Yonatan Polak – 054-6327736
Neta Golan – 057-5720754
Mohammad Hatib – 054-5851893
Michael Sfard 0544-713030
ISM Media Office: 022971824