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Joy persists amid occupation

by Erik

Yesterday, the first of September, Joy persisted through the dismay and hopelessness of occupation. A group called the Media Youth Collective came to the village of Bil’in bearing the tools of Renoir, Kahlo, Van Gough and others; they came with art supplies. This group of 5-10 high school and college-age avengers met quite a large group of 20-30 young girls and boys from the village to paint pictures and paint faces. The event arose much livliehood and light-heartedness to this community who has seen unpredictable, unexpected incursions by soldiers twice already this week.

Yet, for those of you who have paid attention or experienced the resistance that this village has diplayed, creativity is not a fogotten factor, but more commonly a blazing medium, a way to demonstrate intelligently what lies and broken promises have been committed by the Israeli, U.S., and U.N. governing bodies.

The might that is wielded by the art of this resistance, will have a crucial role in the liberation of an occupied people.