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Bil’in Locked Down in Curfew

ISM Media Team
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At 5:00 am, three border police cars broke the peaceful sleep of the villagers in Bil’in, moving through the village with their bullhorns blaring. “You are under curfew. All Israelis in Bil’in must leave. No one is allowed to move.”

Peace activists had anticipated that the military would respond in force to the peaceful demonstrations held in Bil’in every Friday. And that’s exactly what has happened. They are now roaming through the village with sirens and loud speakers, frightening children from their sleep and making sure that, once again, the people of Bil’in won’t get a night’s sleep.

Making it impossible to enter the village, refusing admittance to the media and other internationals, means that the Israeli military can act with impunity and punish all people who are resisting this occupation.