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Visiting Ramzi

By Philippe Eli Fabrikant

Today three of us went to visit Ramzi Yasin in Muqassed Hospital in the Intensive Care Unit. Ramzi was shot in his head by a rubber bullet on the Friday demo in Bil’in. It eventually caused an internal brain bleeding. He was operated and moved from Ramallah to the Jerusalem hospital. The hospital is very well equipped, but Ramzi’s family cannot visit him, so he is alone. He is under strong sedetion, unconsciouss and, due to the medications, cannot breath by himself. The doctor we talked to said his situation is still unclear. We left him a note, wishing him to get better fast signed by his Israeli friends from the Bil’in demo. It was really horrible to see what a rubber bullet can do. Let’s hope he will get better as soon as possible and will get back to his family.

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