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Israeli forces killed member of Palestinian armed group and wounded 3 Palestinian civilians, including a child


12th June 2014 | Palestinian Center for Human Rights | Gaza, Occupied Palestine On Wednesday evening, 11 June 2014, 3 Palestinian civilians, including a child whose condition was described as very serious, were wounded when Israeli forces targeted a member of an ...

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The case of Rachel Corrie


1st June 2014 | Jack Pine Tribune | Occupied Palestine Over a decade after Rachel Corrie was crushed under the blades of an Israeli bulldozer in Rafah, her parents Craig and Cindy Corrie found themselves in the halls of the Supreme Court ...

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A Palestinian story of resistance: The Abu Haikal family

Arwa (top left) and Faryel Abu Haikal climb onto their land to halt the demolition of their property from the Israeli Antiquity Authority, hoping to enforce a police order previously issued (photo by Christian Peacemakers Team Palestine).

31th May 2014 | Christian Peacemakers Team | Hebron, Occupied Palestine With only a sliver of their land left to protect, having their entire lot of land encircled by Israeli settlements, Faryel and Arwa Abu Haikal climbed over a pile of rubble ...

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VIDEO: Violating the land they do not own: Kufr ad-Dik resists

Photo by International Women's Peace Service

25th May 2014 | International Women’s Peace Service | Kufr ad-Dik, Occupied Palestine It was so different this time around. It had gotten much worse. There was not one occupation bulldozer but four; the whole hilltop to the East of the Palestinian ...

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The occupation never sleeps


30th May 2014 | International Women’s Peace Service | Deir Istiya, Occupied Palestine Over seven families in Deir Istiya were rousted from their beds in the early morning today, some to the sounds of banging on their doors, others to fully armed ...

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6 beds, ink and one story

Shireen Issawi

25th May 2014 | Mariam Barghouti | Occupied Palestine Since 1967, Israel has detained around 20% of the Palestinian population and approximately 40% of Palestinian males. The majority of those arrested are transferred into Israel, where they are held and if charged will most ...

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Palestinian hunger strike: “Either I go home – or I go in a plastic bag”

“I am an administrative detainee…” – activists reading out stories of Palestinians held prisoners by Israel (photo by IWPS).

23rd May 2014 | International Women’s Peace Service | Occupied Palestine “What do you want from me?” a 70-year-old lawyer and professor of economics asked the Israeli military when they arrested him last year. “You are very dangerous,” was the explanation. Recalling his reply, ...

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VIDEO: Israeli forces shoot and kill two Palestinian teens near Ramallah

Israeli forces fatally shot Nadeem Siam Nawara, 17, on May 15 during clashes following a demonstration marking Nakba Day.

20th May 2014 | Defense For Children International Palestine | Occupied Palestine Unlawful killing of two Palestinian teens outside Ofer – Video from Defense For Children International Palestine Israeli forces killed two Palestinian teens during clashes on Thursday outside the occupied West Bank ...

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