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Israeli bombardment devastates Rafah

The Israeli bombing campaign in Gaza has been severe and targeted mainly at civilian areas, leaving scores of people homeless. ISM volunteers filmed this video in Rafah showing the aftermath of the bombing. The translation was done by The Guardian.

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Harvesting olives on the Green Line in Gaza

Film by Fida Qishta. Language editing by ISM Gaza On the 9th October, members of ISM Gaza supported an action organised by a Palestinian youth group called The Local Initiative. Olive farmers were accompanied onto their land, situated extremely close ...

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Many injured in mass demonstration in Ni’lin

An estimated 400 Palestinians, internationals, Israeli activists and world media marched on the construction of the illegal apartheid that annexes much of the village of Ni’lin’s land. Video courtesy of Israel Putermam. The non-violent demonstrators, who were peacefully walking towards ...

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Budrus continues its nonviolent resistance

Budrus Village in the West Bank has a long history of nonviolent resistance to the Israeli occupation and to the construction of the Apartheid Wall on its land. This video was made by Israeli activists. It documents a typical nonviolent ...

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