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Join the 2009 Olive Harvest Campaign

9 September 2009 With rapidly escalating levels of settler violence in the West Bank, the International Solidarity Movement is issuing an urgent call for volunteers to participate in the 2009 Olive Harvest Campaign. The olive tree is a national symbol ...

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Settler stabs B’Tselem worker in Susiya

B’Tselem 10 August 2009 This morning [Monday, 10 August], at about 7:30, I heard voices and shouting coming from the direction of the wadi near our village, Khirbet Susiya. I got up and took my stills camera and ran toward ...

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Settlers attack Susiyan Palestinian sheep herders

10 August 2009 At 7:30 of this morning, a group of sheep shepherds from Susyia, a small Palestinian village in the Southern Hebron hills, came under attack by a pair of Israeli settlers from the nearby illegal colony. The shepherds, ...

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Israeli soldiers harass Susiyan herder

1 August 2009 Yesterday while grazing his sheep, a Palestinian shepherd in Suseya near Yatta, was harrassed and threatened by two Israeli soldiers from a nearby military outpost. Jamal suffers daily from this type of harrassment on his own land. ...

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Israeli forces and settlers harass shepherd

29 June 2009 At 9am a group of 5 settlers from the Sussya settlement in the south Hebron hills, accompanied by a uniformed soldier, approached a young shepherd and his sheep. They came with a tractor and trailer and they ...

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Settlers set fire to Palestinian home in Susiya

21 June 2009 On Sunday morning at 4 am, some settlers tried to burn a tent in the small village of Susiya, south Hebron hills, with people sleeping inside. The burned tent was used to host international volunteers and guests ...

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