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Idhna: A family without windows

by Peige 12 March 2012 | International Solidarity Movement, West Bank After three years of marriage Amani and Hussein Batran wanted a house of their own, somewhere to raise their two children, 4 year old Khalil and 3 year old ...

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Arrests and nonviolent actions in South Hebron Hills

26 February 2012 | Operation Dove On February 25th Palestinian men and women, elders and children, together with Israeli and international activists gathered for two demonstrations organized by the South Hebron Hills Popular Committee. The first demonstration, attended by approximately ninety ...

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Dkaika: Israel continues to expel Bedouins

Dkaika Bedouins face expulsion - Click here for more images

by Aida Gerard 23 November 2011  | International Solidarity Movement, West Bank The entire Bedouin village of Dkaika encounters demolitions, and all the villagers face expulsion. Every single construction of Dkaika has a demolition order totally over 75 demolition orders ...

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