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OPEN THE MAS’HA GATE – A Call to Action

PLEASE, MAKE PHONE CALLS AND/OR SEND FAXES: (This is an example which gets to our attention. Getting one gate for one village opened is worth a few minutes of your time — and it DOES work sometimes – no less ...

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Israeli army enters Hares village, harass youths

Written by IWPS On the afternoon of Saturday, July 2, approximately eight Palestinian children were playing at the entrance of Hares village. They ranged in ages from 1 year to 12 years old. An Israeli army jeep passed by and, ...

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Lutfiyeh, Hurriyeh

by Ed Mast We spent last night with Lutfiyeh and family in Ramallah. Linda and Lutfiyeh are sisters of the heart, and it’s a deep pleasure to watch the joy that Linda’s simple presence brings to Lutfiyeh’s grim weary life. ...

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Voices in the Wilderness

By Jeff Guntzel We left for Ramallah yesterday morning. In order to enter the city, our little group had to avoid the Israeli checkpoint by walking (and sometimes running) through the brush just south of the checkpoint. Once we were ...

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Adam Shapiro Ranks As a Mideast Hero

by Sheryl McCarthy Originally published in Newsday Wherever Stuart Shapiro may be, he gets my vote for father of the year. His son, Adam, is a Jewish child of Brooklyn who in the last few years has been living in ...

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CNN: Interview with Adam Shapiro

PHILLIPS: Well, we’re about to get an eyewitness account now of the Israeli siege of Yasser Arafat’s headquarters in Ramallah. Adam Shapiro is an American living in Israel. He volunteered to help attend to wounded Arafat guards inside the compound. ...

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