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Picking pebbles to live somehow

Eva Bartlett | Inter Press Service 2 March 2010 They come by the hundreds every day to sand dunes and rubble sites to sift for pebbles, stones and sand that can be used in making concrete blocks. They lean into ...

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To the sound of F16s

Sharon Lock | Tales to Tell I’m told the bursts of noise that are currently shaking the net cafe a little are probably F16 sonic booms and not rockets, so that’s nice! Last night’s attacks involved seven rockets on the ...

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Where is the ceasefire?

27 January 2009 A young farm-worker, Arwan al Ibrim was murdered by Israeli military forces at approximately 9:45 am on Tuesday 27th January, in the village of Al Farahin, east of Khan Younis. 27 year old Arwan was working picking ...

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