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Land Day Actions

Since 1976 Land Day is marked by Palestinians on the 30th of March to protest against the grabbing of Palestinian lands by Israel. This year, thousands of Palestinians, along with Israeli and international activists held a series of large-scale peaceful ...

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United by Hatred of Oppression

by Johann Hari Originally published by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer In the hills of Palestine, next to a village called Anin, three groups of people stood one recent afternoon amid clouds of tear gas and the boom of bullets to yell ...

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Communique from Tobias in jail

Hi all. So we´re down to 3. Me, Tarek and Fredrik here in cell #4. We are all in good spirits as we make an attempt to fight this injust deportation in the Supreme Court. As of now, we have ...

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Letter from an Israeli Jail

The following was scribbled on a piece of paper by Tarek and passed to Huwaida via a lawyer during court proceedings for the deportation of 8 international peace activists on July 17, 2003. The hunger protest referred to was begun ...

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