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Tel Rumeida, Hebron: Recent Settler Attacks

29th May 2006. Tel Rumeida, Hebron 5:30 pm, Shuhada St, near Bet Haddasah settlement Four settler children were throwing stones at a Palestinian home. The two youngest were less than four years old and the older two were between 7 ...

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Beit Ummar Plans a De-fence Action on their Lands

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Last night settlers from the Efrat settlement put a fence around 20 dunums of land belonging to Samir Al-Allamah of Beit Ummar. They have also put up tents inside the fence. People of Beit Ummar with international ...

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How Many Escorts Does it Take to Get 3 Children Home?

“When are we going to get a reality show in Tel Rumeida?” by Shlomo Bloom HRWs (the two women in vests) try to escort Palestinian kids (left) through a razor wire fence while settlers (background) and Israeli activists (foreground) look ...

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Successful Land-Access Action in Beit Omar

Sunbula’s Journal: “Settler Brats and Weed Pulling” 20th May: From Jerusalem to Beit Omar, you need to change taxis three times in order to get there, partly because of two Israeli checkpoints. It is a small village outside Hebron (al-Khalil) ...

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Successful Wire Cutting Action in Beit Omar

Today, May 17, two international and one Israeli human rights activists joined a small group of Palestinian farmers in their non-violent action of cutting up 50 meters of a 500 meter long barbed wire fence. A fence the Israeli army ...

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