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Harvesting in death zone, with a song

Eva Bartlett | Inter Press Service 30 October 2009 On a quiet October morning, Fida Zaneen, 19, sings a traditional love song as she pulls olives from trees in Beit Hanoun’s border region during the annual olive harvest. “My grandmother ...

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Popular resistance lives on in Gaza

Eva Bartlett | In Gaza 19 September 2009 On 15 September, we join farmers and residents, including a contingent of women, youths and men, in a non-violent walk to the border region east of Beit Hanoun in the north of ...

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East Khouzaa destruction & buffer zone

ISM Gaza | Farming Under Fire 17 September 2009 Interview with Dr. Qudeh from the “Brilliant Tomorrow For Homes Sons Society” about the destruction of East Khouzaa during the December 2008 – January 2009 Israeli onslaught on Gaza and the ...

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ISM Gaza accompanies Palestinian farmers

Israel’s Open-Fire Policy: shooting the donkey (as an old woman hides behind it) Resisting the Zionist Gun – Part 1: Letaemat 07/05/2009 Resisting the Zionist Gun – Part 2: Letaemat 09/05/2009 Harvest in the Automated Kill Zone, Part 1 – ...

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Palestinian farmer boy injured by shrapnel

ISM Gaza | Farming Under Fire 18 July 2009 Interview with a 16 year old Palestinian farmer who got injured by shrapnel, above his eye, on the 15th of July while working about 500 meters from the Green Line between ...

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Israeli incursion in Al Faraheen

ISM Gaza | Farming Under Fire 1 July 2009 Israeli forces have entered the village of Faraheen this morning and are still currently there using bulldozers to destroy farmland. According to local villagers there are now 2 graders, 4 tanks, ...

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