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Boycott Israel Action

Palestine solidarity activists go boycott shopping in France and hold a teach-in on Israeli-made products. (Euro Palestine)

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Blog against apartheid

It Is Apartheid The first week in March is International Apartheid Awareness Week. There are now activities in 40 cities around the world. In solidarity, itisapartheid.org is making March Blog Against Apartheid Month. The main stream media does not print ...

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Urgent call to all social movements

Open Gaza Borders! We reiterate the need for a call from Palestinian community based organisations and the over 130 grassroots NGOs in the Palestinian NGO Network for an immediate opening of all border crossings currently controlled by Israel and Egypt. ...

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SAPA: Workers to boycott Israeli ship

Durban dock workers are expected to refuse to off-load an Israeli ship as part of a week of action against “apartheid” Israel, Cosatu and the Palestine Solidarity Committee (PSC) said on Tuesday. Cosatu spokesperson Patrick Craven and PSC spokesperson Salim ...

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