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NYCBI launches Motorola boycott

New York Campaign for the Boycott of Israel

30 March 2009

Why Boycott?

In the wake of Israel’s recent assault on the people of Gaza and the US government’s complicity in the attacks, we as people of conscience in the US must challenge Israeli policies. Israel systematically violates Palestinian human rights through unrelenting checkpoints, surveillance, house demolitions, and military aggression. Hundreds of Palestinian civil society organizations have called on the world to work on campaigns of boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) against Israel and New York is taking up the call! We, the New York Campaign for the Boycott of Israel, call for a boycott of Motorola until it stops profiting from and supporting Israeli apartheid.

Why Motorola?

We demand Motorola end its production and sale of fuzes to the Israeli military

Motorola Israel produces fuzes used in cluster bombs, ‘bunker-buster’ bombs, and a variety of other bombs. Cluster bombs, whose export was recently banned by the US government, are each composed of hundreds of exploding bomblets that spray metal shrapnel over a large area when they explode.

Cluster bombs are specifically condemned by an international consensus of human rights organizations, banned by many countries, and even the US government has voiced concern over their use, especially in civilian areas. Despite this, Israel has regularly used cluster bombs in the past few years.

We demand Motorola end its transfer and/or sales of all communication devices to the Israeli military

Motorola Israel acquired a $100 million contract to provide a nationwide military data encrypted cellular network, “Mountain Rose,” for the Israeli Defense Forces, allowing commanders to communicate securely anywhere they operate.

The IDF is accelerating investment in Motorola Israel’s Mountain Rose system in a time of cutbacks because of its critical role in developing Israel’s land-warfare maneuvering capacity.

We demand Motorola end its transfer and/or sales of all products that aid and support Israel’s settlements including all radar detection devices

Motorola supplies the Israeli military with the Wide Area Surveillance System (WASS) and other high-tech configurations of radar devices and thermal cameras used to keep Palestinian civilians under constant surveillance on their own land.

Motorola surveillance systems are being installed around Israeli settlement/colonies and the apartheid wall that Israel has constructed in the Palestinian West Bank. This shows that Israel has no intention of dismantling the illegal settlements or ending its occupation of Palestinian land.

What can I do?

1. Join us at the demo
2. Don’t buy Motorola
3. Say goodbye to Moto! Sign our pledge not to purchase Motorola
4. Spread the word