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Weddings and Martyrs

Friends, I am sorry my reports have been slow. Sometimes it is so hard to find the words to write about the things that I see everyday in Rafah. In the last two weeks there have been seven assasinations in ...

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Rachel’s emails

Compiled by The Guardian 23-year-old American ISM activist Rachel Corrie was crushed to death by a bulldozer as she tried to prevent the Israeli army destroying a home owned by the Nasrallah family in Rafah, in the Gaza Strip. What ...

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ISM Statement on British Suicide Bombers

ISM Media Office [This statement is provided here for historical accuracy. For an updated statement on this incident, please see the Frequently Asked Questions page.] The International Solidarity Movement supports non-violent resistance to the illegal and brutal occupation of Palestine. ...

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CNN: Israeli bulldozer kills American protester

RAFAH, Gaza (CNN) — An Israeli bulldozer killed an American woman Sunday who had been protesting its use to destroy Palestinian houses in Rafah. The woman, Rachel Corrie, 23, of Olympia, Washington, was taken to a hospital, where she died ...

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ISM statement on the killing of Rachel Corrie

OVERVIEW AND BACKGROUND Our friend and fellow activist for peace, Rachel Corrie, was murdered on Sunday March 16, when she was purposely run over by an Israeli-driven, US-made (Caterpillar D9) bulldozer, while trying to prevent a Palestinian civilian home from ...

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Increased targeting of International Solidarity Movement

In this article Michael Shaik, Media Coordinator of the International Solidarity Movement writes about two recent events with direct bearing on Israel’s murder of Rachel Corrie. On 14 February 2002 the ISM faced two almost simultaneous crisis in Rafah and ...

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