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The dark side of Tel Aviv

Abe Hayeem | The Guardian 13 October 2009 The centenary of Tel Aviv, a city said to date from 1909, has provided a useful opportunity to present the face of Israel as a hip country built by Jewish pioneers on ...

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Act for East Jerusalem

13 October 2009 We as Scandinavians are very concerned about the developments in East Jerusalem. Israel is continuing a policy violating international law towards the Palestinian inhabitants of the area. We strongly urge our politicians to put pressure on the ...

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Israelis flatten Palestinian home

BBC 12 October 2009 Israeli authorities have demolished two Palestinian-owned structures in East Jerusalem, in defiance of international calls to stop such actions. Palestinian reports say a family of five was forcibly evicted from their home in the Beit Hanina ...

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The Elders’ view of the Middle East

Jimmy Carter | The Washington Post 6 September 2009 During the past 16 months I have visited the Middle East four times and met with leaders in Israel, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, the West Bank and Gaza. I ...

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Evicted Palestinians camp by home taken by settlers

Jihan Abdalla | The Washington Post 25 August 2009 Fresh dates and chicken soup were served up at dusk on the sidewalk in the well-heeled suburb of Sheik Jarrah this week, as the evicted Palestinian al-Ghawi family spent another night ...

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