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Ni’lin holds demonstration to honor the Nakba

15 May 2009 Palestinians, accompanied by international and Israeli solidarity activists, gathered to demonstrate against construction of the Apartheid Wall in Ni’lin. During the demonstration, a home of an elderly couple was occupied by soldiers, who used their roof to ...

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Balata Camp commemorates the Nakba

14 May 2009 The Nakba Committee of Nablus organized a commemoration ceremony in Balata village. About 500 people from the area gathered to attend the event where various speeches were given by community officials such as the Mayor of Nablus ...

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Palestinians mark the Nakba

AFP 14 May 2009 Thousands of Palestinians on Thursday marked the 61st anniversary of the Naqba, the “catastrophe” that sparked an exodus of hundreds of thousands of refugees after Israel was created in 1948. Holding Palestinian flags and photos of ...

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Israeli forces suppress Ni’lin demonstration

8 May 2009 Before the start of the weekly Friday demonstration against the Apartheid Wall in Ni’lin, international solidarity activists visited homes that Israeli forces occupied last Friday. As soldiers were already present in the olive groves of Ni’lin, the ...

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Misuse of firearms suspected in Ni’lin

Aviad Glickman | YNet News 4 May 2009 Deputy State Prosecutor Yehoshua Lamberger has ordered the police to update protocols pertaining to the use of crowd control measures in demonstration dispersals, Ynet learned Monday. The order followed several cases in ...

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