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Bil’in demonstrates against the Apartheid Wall

Bil’in Popular Committee 24 July 2009 Immediately after Friday prayers today, Bil’in citizens, International supporters, and Israeli activists went out in a demonstration, raising Palestinian flags and banners condemning the occupation policies of building the wall, land confiscation, building settlements, ...

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Bil’in demonstrates against Israeli night raids

22 July 2009 The Bil’in Popular Committee organized a night demonstration on Wednesday to protest ongoing nightly raids and arrests that have taken place for the past 3 weeks. On the course of the past weeks, over 17 people have ...

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Bil’in leading demonstrator imprisoned by Israeli forces

For Immediate Release: Tuesday July 21, Ofer military base, Occupied West Bank: In a new escalation in the military’s campaign targeting the popular protests in Bil’in against the Annexation barrier, a military appeals judge ruled that non-violent Bil’in activist Adeeb ...

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Activists respond to cellular phone campaign

Anat Shalev | YNet News 21 July 2009 Palestinians protestors and left-wing activists came up with an original response to a television ad for a local cellular phone company that angered and offended many in Israel and the Palestinian Authority. ...

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Ni’lin demonstrates against the Apartheid Wall

17 July 2009 The village of Ni’lin once again assembled for its weekly demonstration against the Israeli Apartheid Wall, which continues to cut residents off from their land and the surrounding areas. Roughly 100 Palestinians and solidarity activists joined each ...

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