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The resistance continues in protests across Palestine

Al Ma’sara  (Friday 16 July) On the anniversary of the French Revolution, the theme of the protest in Al Ma’sara on Friday was the destruction of the prison in which Israel holds Palestinians captive, redolent of the French storming of ...

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Iraq Burin: protests for the right to protest

Around 20 people trying to travel to Iraq Burin from Nablus for the weekly protest on Saturday 10th July, a group made up of Palestinians and international activists, were stopped by armed forces on the road leading to the small ...

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Spirit strong in weekend demonstrations

International Solidarity Movement 15 June 2010 Al Ma’asara Around 30 Palestinians, Israelis and internationals gathered for the weekly demonstration in Al Ma’asara on Friday June 11th. The participators called for the Israeli government to stop construction of the illegal apartheid ...

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Al Walaja, Beit Jala protest illegal wall construction

International Solidarity Movement 25 May 2010 Al Walaja Al Walaja village, close to Bethlehem, faces the threat of being totally isolated from the surrounding countryside by an apartheid wall which is currently under construction. When it is finished the only ...

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Bushfires ravage Iraq Burin amidst weekly demonstration

International Solidarity Movement 23 May 2010 The northern West Bank village of Iraq Burin demonstrated against the Israeli annexation of their farmlands today, resulting in the injury of one local protester by a tear gas projectile. Tear gas canisters landing ...

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Eight arrested in Beit Jala bulldozer action

International Solidarity Movement 17 May 2010 UPDATE: All eight of the activists arrested yesterday during the demonstration in Beit Jala were released last night at 11:30 p.m. Each arrestee was individually interrogated, and required to give the police his or ...

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