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Protestors Managed to Remove a Fence in Bethlehem

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Today, September 1, 2006, in the village of al-Khadr, in the Bethlehem region, Palestinian and international solidarity workers removed a razor wire barrier serving as a preliminary basis for the Apartheid Wall. During the action, approximately 100 ...

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Israeli Press: Army May Ban Tourists From Holy Sites

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Israeli army says it will forbid entry foreign visitors access to all of the the occupied territories in the West Bank, according to a June 22nd article in the Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv. Although the apparent goal ...

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Apartheid Wall demo at Al Khadr this Friday

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE This Friday the villagers of Al Khadr will be joined by Israeli and international peace activists in a demonstration against the Apartheid Wall being built through the village. There will be a march to the construction site ...

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Separation Wall Divides Neighborhood in Bethlehem

From Bethlehem Bloggers The comments that will be posted by Zionists after this blog entry will possibly try and argue that “the wall is to stop the terrorists” and “if the terrorists stopped bombing Israel, there would be no need ...

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Jab’a Ploughs its Land

This morning I travelled to the village of Jab’a, just South of Bethlehem, where local Palestinian farmers have faced intimidation by settlers when trying to access their land. Jab’a is a village of 900 people facing annexation of part of ...

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Christmas in jail for peace campaigners

An Italian peace activist was hospitalized Thursday after refusing to be deported from Israel. Italian, Vittorio Arrigoni, 34, was injured yesterday evening when Israeli authorities tried to deport him and two other detained UK residents,from South Africa and Ausralia, by ...

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