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Three Nonviolent Protests in the West Bank

Nov. 30

Palestinian villagers protest on Road-443, Israel prevent them from using it

Residents of a number of villages in the Ramallah area organized a protest joined by a number of International and Israeli peace activists at Highway 443, on Friday after the noon prayer.

Protesters carried anti-racism signs and Palestinian flags, and demanded that the Israeli authorities allow them to use this road that passes through the villagers’ land.

Troops installed barbed wire in an attempt to prevent the protesters from reaching the highway. However, the villagers insisted and managed to reach the road. Troops fired several rounds of rubber-coated steel bullets and tear gas at the protesters, however no injuries were reported.

For seven years in a row, Israel prohibits Palestinians from using this 200-mile road which is built on the land of Palestinian villages, and allows only Jewish settlers to use it.

Six wounded, five detained in Bil’in’s Anti-wall protest

Residents of the village of Bil’in near the West Bank city of Ramallah organized their weekly Anti-Wall nonviolent protest this Friday, and were joined by a number of international and Israeli peace activists.

Protesters marched through the village carrying banners demanding the dismantling of the wall and calling for national unity. Israeli troops intercepted the protest and prevented them from reaching the construction site of the wall by installing additional layers of barbed wire.

As the protesters approached the wire, troops showered them with tear gas and rubber-coated-steel bullets. Dozens were treated for gas inhalation, while five were wounded by the rubber bullets. The five were identified as, Nasser, Adeeb, Rateb and Ayed Abu Rahme from Bilin and Yanni from Israel.

Adeeb Abu Rahme, was struck in the head by a police baton, resulting in a wound that required stitches.

Five including two American protesters, two Palestinians and an Israeli protester were detained by the soldiers.

Another international, who was not detained, was struck in the temple by a rubber bullet, which left him disoriented.

Meanwhile, troops assaulted and arrested an Israeli journalist identified as David. They released him and all the other detainees an hour later.

Israeli army attacks a peaceful demonstration in a Bethlehem village

Dozens of residents of al Me’sarah village near the southern West Bank city of Bethlehem were joined by a group of Israeli and International peace activists on Friday at noon to protest the confiscation of their land.

The Israeli army installed road blocks to prevent the peace activists from reaching the village.

The protesters marched to the lands that will be annexed for the expansion of a nearby settlement and the construction of the Separation Wall. After the Friday prayers some protesters delivered speeches in Arabic and English stressing the need to resist the land confiscation labeling it as “land theft.”

The Israeli troops who were at the scene attacked the demonstrators and prevented them from reaching the settlement road known as road 60. One resident identified as Bassam Ibrahim, 22, suffered light injuries.